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World Of Warcraft Gold Tips

by Dan West

Here's some good ideas for making a lot of gold. And, like everywhere else, and in the World of Warcraft, Gold makes the world go 'round.

At the Auction House always set a buyout price. Most people want something NOW.

Create an auction house agent on the same server as your main toon. This is just a toon you have that you use only for Auction House operations. This allows you to keep your main toon (character) out in the field, close to the action.

Learn to keep up with market price trends. You'll know what to sell when. It helps to specialize in a few items, to become familiar with their ups and downs. If you employ this technique successfully, you'll have enough cash on hand for your mount before you reach level 40.

It can start paying off with the goods you'll loot as a level 40 and on up. Once you hit 55 and up the Auction House becomes very lucrative.

For some great drops, grind the level 30+ snapjaws. At Hillsbrad, Tarren Mill, there's a river running to the east. There's a couple dozen or so snapjaws spawned there at a time, in the river and along the riverbank. See how many you can grind in thirty minutes.

30 to 50 gold an hour? You can do it. In the eastern Plaguelands are three types of Plaguebats, and they are most lucrative for grinding. They drop pelts, eyes, fangs and ears (sometimes in multiples) that are worth 8-20 silver each. They drop green items as well. And, occasionally you'll score a Bind on Equip purple that can sell for 100 gold or more.

Solo lower level instances such as Gnomeregan and Scarlet Monastery. You'll get all the loot and drops to yourself. You'll emerge from those instances with your bags bulging with stuff to auction and vendor. Plus, you're going to feel massively elite!

Deviate fish, cooked up and stacked to 20, can sell for 15-25 gold on an auction house buyout. That's 50 silver and better per unit. If your cooking skill isn't high enough, store the deviates in the bank until you get that skill up.

Mining and skinning offer fast gold payouts. With mining at high levels you can get arcanite crystals that can sell for 20 to 25 gold.

Skinning is a great way to salvage something from those kills that don't drop anything. Skinning is easy to level up, making it quicker for you to get to those higher level gathers.

For a comprehensive guide to Making Gold in World Of Warcraft check out the World Of Warcraft Mastery Guide

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Dan West is the author of the popular World Of Warcraft Mastery Guide

Learn How to Start Making Gold as a Newbie in World of Warcraft

by Anthony Giardano

Did you just start a playing WoW or do you have a brand new character and want to learn how to make gold very quickly? This article is just for you! I feel it will help a lot of newbies to get started and even some people that just started playing on the brand new servers and wants to make gold quickly at the lower levels in the game!

Start as Skinner and a Herbalist or Miner for a while to gather resources. You may have to travel to a main town to learn these skills early - but its worth doing early.

Skinner as you will be killing many skinable mobs early on, and either Herbalist or Miner as the radar marker conflicts - you cant have both a Herbalist and Miner radar blip on. I have "toons" that are both Skinner, Herbalist and Skinner, Miner ... I think the coin generated is a little better as a Miner (esp as you get occ. gem drops in ore placements), but if you choose a dark-elf as a race go herbalist as the starting area has no mining resources - there may be an equivalent horde race !

Collect 6 slot bags as quickly as possible ... some will drop as loot, others can be bought from tailors ... you can do a /who and /tell and offer to buy COD (cash on delivery) via the mail system so you Dont have to buy from an NPC vendor or go to an Auction House before you are ready.

Have a "mule" sitting in your factions Auction House Town (eg. Ironforge for Alliance) - create a character that is closest to the Auction House Town .. best a dwarf or gnome for easy access to Ironforge - Humans need to travel via Stormwind and the Underground tram system, Dark-Elves have to travel via foot for about 20 minutes through dangerous territory to get anywhere near Ironforge for the first time ... place your character very near a mailbox that is not busy. There are two mailboxes near the Auction House in Ironforge - one is always crowded .. crowds = lag. Choose the one that is not busy for your log-in/log-out place. This mule you will post your stacks to for sale at the Auction House.

Keep notes of how much a stack of resources (light leather from skinning, copper ore from mining, silverleaf and peaceblossom from herbalism) sell to an NPC vendor but Dont sell to the vendor.

Check the Auction House prices using the search facility and take note of the starting and buyout prices for the stacks of resources you are selling. Many items have a buy-out price upto 10-20 times the price an NPC vendor will buy from you. I personally set my prices as follows .... starting price 2x the NPC vendor buy value (around 1.5-2.5s per stack) and a buyout price 5-6 times the NPC buy value unless all the competitor sellers buyout prices are way above or below that, then I set my buyouts at just below theirs. A couple of hours work at toon level 6-8 will give you 3-4 stacks of light leather, 2-3 stacks of herbs, 1-2 stacks or metals bars (yep, smelt them for mining experience before selling them ... if you are "grey" on smelting copper (ie no mining XP form it), sell the stacks of raw ore) and if you are working in an area of humanoids 1-2 stacks of linen cloth. Dont waste your linen on bandages (FirstAid) .. at least not yet.

Don't waste bag storage space on grey usable items, ruined pelts, broken teeth etc. unless you are filling up an inventory for the run home. Keep green items for Auction House sale if your toon (or an alt) doesnt need them. Always set auctions for 24 hours and put a buyout price about 4-6x the value to an NPC vendor (again check the Auction House current prices so you Dont over or under value your items) ... the buyout price allows impatient bidders a way of getting their items quickly - and your money faster.

Mail your major items to your mule for Auction House Placement, dump the rest of the garbage ontot he NPC vendor. Each stack will sell at Auction House for 5-10s per stack easily and up to 20s per stack if the demand is right, low level "green" items 5-10s each. My first (and still main) toon never got anywhere near this cash return so early (mage, miner engineer) ... my current level 10 gatherer is getting 1g per 2 hours of game time (mixing it up with questing and general fun) .... a concentrated effort should nett close to 1g per hour - a huge return for a low level character . Dont choose your crafting profession too early ... you can always drop one of your gathering professions for a crafting profession once your cash flow is good. Buying unneeded items early eats money. Buying unneeded skills early eats money. Enchanting eats money ! Engineering eats money !

Leatherworking, Blacksmithing and Tailoring can feed an enchanter, make reasonably good money from auctioned items later.

Alchemy can be fun and provide a good range of buff and regen. potions for your own use, then sell once you get to craft the higher demand potions

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Anthony Giardano has been playing World of Warcraft since late 2004. He shares all his thoughts, concepts and ideas that's taken him over two years to compile and shares them at

Blueprint for Acquiring World of Warcraft Gold

by Mark Minear

People are always searching for new ways to make more money so that they can buy bigger and better things and even in a virtual environment such as World of Warcraft this is true. There are many different options for earning gold in World of Warcraft. Many resort to buying the virtual money with their real money. Not only is this a waste, but it also runs you the risk of having your account banned. It takes a little work, but it is far more logical to increase your bag space, make a profit by buying and selling items at the auction house, or gain a profession for extra gold such as: skinning, fishing, or mining. If you utilize all of these things you can easily quickly increase the amount of gold that you earn.

Bigger bags mean more space for item storage and the more you hold the more you can gather during the long instance runs with no merchants to access for selling unwanted items. Also having more bag space is good for holding the items that you collect with your professions. Skinning and mining are great professions because all you need to carry is one tool for each of them. A pick for mining and a knife for skinning.

Once you have gathered the skins and refined the ores you will want to sell them at the auction house. These items are always big sellers because they are things that everyone needs but many do not want to bother with collecting them themselves. Also sell your unneeded rare items and recipes because there will always be someone looking for a particular item that they need.

There are also some extremely helpful guides and books on the subject of earning World of Warcraft gold. You will definitely want check them out because they can help you to earn more gold and save you time.

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Visit this site for the ultimate resource containing secret strategies for earning even more World of Warcraft Gold per hour

Wealth Beyond The Dreams Of Avarice: Gold In World Of Warcraft

by Jason Frovich

Is your character in World of Warcraft poor? Do you not have enough WoW gold to make your goals met in a timely fashion? Are you being hindered by character poverty? If so, we have the answer, the WoW Gold Guide.

First, a disclaimer. Lots of sites will claim to teach you how to make thousands of WoW gold in an hour or a day. Nearly all of them are scams, either relying on bugs that were patched by Blizzard up to a year or more ago or relying on client hacks or hacked .dll files.

The first ones are asking for money for an e-book that gives advice that won't work (and won't refund your money, either!), while the second one runs the risk of getting your account banned and your characters deleted by Blizzard, which runs a warden client to check for malicious hacks and cheats in the code.

What we're describing is a legitimate strategy guide that will legally let you accumulate WoW gold in the shortest period possible. These include the comprehensive Level 40 Gold Guide, to let you learn the fastest way possible to get your first mount, solo.

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All the strategies in this guide are legal - none of them require hacking your client and running the risk of an account ban!

About the Author:

The WoW Gold Farming Guide has free updates, acknowledging that World of Warcraft is constantly changing and updating with code by Blizzard and includes the latest list of working exploits, known to function under 2.0.1 release versions! Such as changing your character name without transferring, getting a permanent Second Wind and getting Priests to speak with the other faction!