Sunday, February 25, 2007

Blueprint for Acquiring World of Warcraft Gold

by Mark Minear

People are always searching for new ways to make more money so that they can buy bigger and better things and even in a virtual environment such as World of Warcraft this is true. There are many different options for earning gold in World of Warcraft. Many resort to buying the virtual money with their real money. Not only is this a waste, but it also runs you the risk of having your account banned. It takes a little work, but it is far more logical to increase your bag space, make a profit by buying and selling items at the auction house, or gain a profession for extra gold such as: skinning, fishing, or mining. If you utilize all of these things you can easily quickly increase the amount of gold that you earn.

Bigger bags mean more space for item storage and the more you hold the more you can gather during the long instance runs with no merchants to access for selling unwanted items. Also having more bag space is good for holding the items that you collect with your professions. Skinning and mining are great professions because all you need to carry is one tool for each of them. A pick for mining and a knife for skinning.

Once you have gathered the skins and refined the ores you will want to sell them at the auction house. These items are always big sellers because they are things that everyone needs but many do not want to bother with collecting them themselves. Also sell your unneeded rare items and recipes because there will always be someone looking for a particular item that they need.

There are also some extremely helpful guides and books on the subject of earning World of Warcraft gold. You will definitely want check them out because they can help you to earn more gold and save you time.

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