Sunday, February 25, 2007

World Of Warcraft Gold Tips

by Dan West

Here's some good ideas for making a lot of gold. And, like everywhere else, and in the World of Warcraft, Gold makes the world go 'round.

At the Auction House always set a buyout price. Most people want something NOW.

Create an auction house agent on the same server as your main toon. This is just a toon you have that you use only for Auction House operations. This allows you to keep your main toon (character) out in the field, close to the action.

Learn to keep up with market price trends. You'll know what to sell when. It helps to specialize in a few items, to become familiar with their ups and downs. If you employ this technique successfully, you'll have enough cash on hand for your mount before you reach level 40.

It can start paying off with the goods you'll loot as a level 40 and on up. Once you hit 55 and up the Auction House becomes very lucrative.

For some great drops, grind the level 30+ snapjaws. At Hillsbrad, Tarren Mill, there's a river running to the east. There's a couple dozen or so snapjaws spawned there at a time, in the river and along the riverbank. See how many you can grind in thirty minutes.

30 to 50 gold an hour? You can do it. In the eastern Plaguelands are three types of Plaguebats, and they are most lucrative for grinding. They drop pelts, eyes, fangs and ears (sometimes in multiples) that are worth 8-20 silver each. They drop green items as well. And, occasionally you'll score a Bind on Equip purple that can sell for 100 gold or more.

Solo lower level instances such as Gnomeregan and Scarlet Monastery. You'll get all the loot and drops to yourself. You'll emerge from those instances with your bags bulging with stuff to auction and vendor. Plus, you're going to feel massively elite!

Deviate fish, cooked up and stacked to 20, can sell for 15-25 gold on an auction house buyout. That's 50 silver and better per unit. If your cooking skill isn't high enough, store the deviates in the bank until you get that skill up.

Mining and skinning offer fast gold payouts. With mining at high levels you can get arcanite crystals that can sell for 20 to 25 gold.

Skinning is a great way to salvage something from those kills that don't drop anything. Skinning is easy to level up, making it quicker for you to get to those higher level gathers.

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About the Author

Dan West is the author of the popular World Of Warcraft Mastery Guide


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